Fall Back In Love With Your Patio

Request pressure washing for patios in the Casa Adobos & Tucson, AZ area

Is your patio not as bright and welcoming as it once was? Santilli Powerwashing can make it look like new again. You can rely on us if you need pressure washing for patios in the Casa Adobos & Tucson, AZĀ area. We can spray off any debris or surface flaws so you can get back to enjoying a nice, clean patio.

If you have a flagstone patio, soft washing may be the best option for you. We will scrub the stones to avoid disturbing the surrounding plants and land. Contact us now to schedule patio soft washing services.

3 signs your patio needs to be cleaned

The normal wear and tear a patio experiences can happen slowly but result in dramatic changes. You should request pressuring washing for patios on your property if you've noticed:

Mold growth | Discoloration | Slippery stones

You can remove these issues quickly without having to scrub any stones yourself. Call us now at 520-419-2235 to get patio washing services.

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